Glenn Cannon -Rocks the Croc

The Devil In The Sunshine

Photo By Nilgun Martin

Warmth That Will Touch Your Soul

By Linda Kelso

The Glenn Cannon debut show at The Crocodile on last Friday night was an experience one will never forget. Cannon, released his solo album Devil in The Sunshine, amongst friends and family who packed the Seattle venue nearly to capacity.
One can always count on Cannon giving an amazing heartfelt performance.  Glenn and band mates reached out to fans for the support in making the album last year, it was no surprise that support for the album came in as it did.
The energy felt was electrifying, Glenn performed one of his best performances on this night, touching the hearts and souls of all who were there sharing in this amazing experience of seeing this album come to life. There were many tears that night, myself included as Glenn sang his heart out, spilling out into the crowd every emotion that was put into making this album.

The blood, sweat, and tears of Glenn Cannon’s success, was a sweet taste for those who were there for this glorious night.

Photo By Nilgun Martin

Glenn Cannon is the sound of Seattle, the predecessor of those who once performed on the same stage at The Crocodile years ago. His music is a perfected melting pot of legendary influences of blues and rock gods, such as Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendricks, except Glenn takes it to a whole new level of greatness. Devil in The Sunshine is the warmth that will touch you in ways that you have never been touched before.


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