Raven Black

Raven Black

Innovatively Emerging Dark Carnival Metal

Raven Black-  El  Corazon- Seattle, WA  2019


By Linda Kelso


Raven Black is a creatively talented group of distinctive individuals who bring a blend of musical styles to emerge a new style of heavy metal music onto the scene.

 Currently on tour with Cradle of Filth, Raven Black brought to the stage a powerful performance to the Seattle metal crowd, bringing to life their comic book characters with a combination of creative real life animation and unique sound.

 Raven Black is not just another cliché’ band throwing paint on their face and thrashing about the stage, they are just the opposite. With only emerging onto the metal scene just two years ago, they have taken the lead with this style of performance and making it their own.

 Fronted by a tiny female vocalist Raven Black, who takes on the persona of a half human-half doll, Raven, delivers a powerful punch into the male dominated genre of heavy metal music. Her performance was well backed by the other members of the group, who blended well with a female sharing the stage. Each one played on point with an animated flare, portraying their own individual comic book characters that are featured in the bands very own comic book, designed and written by Raven Black, the groups vocalist.

 This group is amazingly talented in many ways, they are in my top ten of new groups to be coming out into the metal community. All of their hard work can be seen through new eyes, old eyes and eyes alike, everyone who will see them will love them as I do. Seeing them with old eyes, they were a fresh welcome to a long awaited new sub-genre of heavy metal music.

 If you would like to hear more about Raven Black, they will be featured on the segment “Red’s Ambush Interviews” on the premier episode of “Red’s Hot Rockers” with Steve Unger and Rick Van Zandt of Metal Church, coming soon to our MVtv channel on ROKU TV.


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